2019 Ford Focus Active: A reliable companion for the high road


The 2019 Ford Focus Active isn't one to follow the trends. It creates its own path with its unique features that exempt it from the crowd. Check it out!

The SUV market has evolved over the years. We have seen car designs shift from market phenomenon toward social phenomenon. With this new trend, comes the influx of different kinds of models which have high variations of regular sedans, five-door cars or station wagons.

The Ford Focus is one of the most recent ones to reach Europe. The hatchback and American compact wagon make whole an active family ahead of Fiesta and Ka+, standing in as an option for the traditional SUVs befitting customers who want a more relatable and off-road driving experience.

1. 2019 Ford Focus Active Exterior: Easily distinguishable from others

The Ford Focus has a good ride heart that easily distinguishes it from other brands. Little wonder it’s identified as a variant suitable for rugged roads. The 2019 Ford Focus Active is higher than the regular Focus by 1.1 inch. The newly embellished design components make it look more like an SUV than it used to be.


The sleek exterior outlook sets it apart from the crowd

It boasts of a captivating balance wheel with a great finishing material used for other parts including the mirror caps, roof and window trim. It also has plastic wheel arches in black and bespoke bumper designs that showcase faux cladding.

2. 2019 Ford Focus Active Interior: Specially-sourced materials with attention to detail

The cabin is one area where the Active Focus has some differences from other members of its family, from fabric seats well designed with blue stitching to other detailing. The shape of the dashboard isn’t very different from the previous model. It offers maximum entertainment to occupants with its eight-inch Sync three infotainment system positioned above the center stack.

In spite of its integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, it has a very sound operating system that doesn’t propel the need to use your mobile phone for commands like navigation, courtesy of Sync’s outstanding graphics and seamless menus. The interior is made of specially-sourced materials put together in a perfect combination. However, there seems to be a corner cutting somewhere. The coatings on various parts of the car aren’t even. Those of the front are of higher quality than those of the rear doors.


Made of specially hand-picked materials for the uber-sylish

In general, there’s more good to say about the comfort of the 2019 Ford Focus Active than bad. The backseats provide some level of comfort. However, a USB input would have been better than the 12-volt socket it has. There’s a lot of space for luggage given its 13.2 cubic feet load compartment.

3. 2019 Ford Focus Active Performance: Offers seamless acceleration with a flat curve

With a taller height, one might think the Focus Active’s driving movement would be different from others, but it’s just the same. The suspension deserves some accolades as it paves way for a defined behavior enhanced by its responsive steering. Regardless of the cylinder’s odd number and little displacement, the car moves easily with power gotten from the gas-powered turbo.

You are bound to fall in love with its flat curve which makes for seamless acceleration. The Ford Focus gives users options in its transmission. You get to choose between its six-speed manual gearbox and eight-speed automatic.

Comfort: Enjoy quietness with high-end soundproofing filters

Making up for the higher ride height, it provides a firmer suspension in comparison to others without losing its comfort. Road and wind noise are reduced to the barest minimum with its high-end soundproofing filters.


You are unware of outside noise while driving in this masterpiece

In its automatic transmission, there’s a standard co-pilot safety control. It also boasts of automatic emergency braking, full-speed adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, twelve sensors and three radar emitters.

4. 2019 Ford Focus Active Pricing & other features

The 2019 Ford Focus Active’s starting price is N10 million for the three-cylinder 125-horsepower five-door body. If you want the 1.5-liter-powered engine, you can get it for N10.8 million.

Features of the 2019 Ford Focus Active

  • 125 Horsepower / 147 Pound-Feet Output
  • All-Wheel Drive
  • Turbocharged 1.0-liter I3 Engine
  • 11.4 Seconds Speed 0-62 mph
  • 40 MPG (est) Fuel Economy
  • 21.5 / 58.4 Cubic Feet Cargo Volume

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