2020 Range Rover Evoque: Definition of a luxury drive


Take a look at the firs- drive experience in this luxury car!

Who doesn’t want a Range Rover? For so long, Range Rover models have been the most sought-after luxury vehicles in Nigeria by the rich. That is why most entertainers in Nigeria have developed the culture of displaying at least one in their musical videos. Their products speak class, power and presence. Not only that, they have the reputation for perfect driving experience. Thinking about this 2020 Range Rover Evoque is enough to give one orgasm. We are quite sure Nigerians are expecting massive high tech features in this new 2020 Range Rover Evoque Model.

Range Rover Evoque- How it all started

Every single day of our life, we are made to experience fire hoses of services, new products, news and clutter information. New designs keep entering the market and we get swayed with their unique designs and lots of added features. Land-rover brought to us a quieter, smaller and more elegant redesigned Range Rover Evoque that began an eight years of this luxury SUV into the marked, being known to be the best SUV in 2012.

Just like earlier mentioned, Range Rover Evoque is by nature, reductive and is aimed at style and youthfulness. This makes it very easy to slide in at any parking lot. With its V8 capacity, drivetrain (low-range) and a height adjustable suspension system, it seems to fit in perfectly into your requirements of excellent SUV.


The second generation Range Rover Evoque- 2020 model year

2020 Range Rover Evoque- Definition of elegance

The second-generation Evoque offers only 4-door body style. It is sleeker and comes with a more rakish roofline when you compare it with the former coupe. There is a drop in the trim line from 8 to 6 and the already clean and crisp Gerry McGovern’s design is cleansed of all character lines and pieces that are not essential. By implication, there is a loss of waist-rail moldings and wheel arch, hereby ensuring the capability of the door in handling flush with the body work. Another improvement in this trim includes the length of the wheelbase which faces overhang reduction and much larger 21-inch wheels.

Price of Range Rover Evoque in Nigeria- Brand new, tokunbo and Nigerian used (2012-2020)

Price of brand new Range Rover Evoque in Nigeria

It is worthy of note that the price here is retail price from the manufacturer without considering import tax or any related fee while delivering the car to Nigeria. The actual price of some models might double the tag we provide here, so please research carefully all the fees you need to pay when ordering a brand new Evoque.

Price of Brand new Land Rover Range Rover Evoque in Nigeria

Model Price in Nigeria Naira
Brand new Range Rover Evoque price ₦26 million – ₦36 million

Price of used Range Rover Evoque in Nigeria

Price of Foreign used Land Rover Range Rover Evoque in Nigeria

Model Price in Nigeria Naira
Tokunbo Range Rover Evoque 2013 price ₦8.7 million - ₦37 million
Tokunbo Range Rover Evoque 2014 price ₦8.7 million - ₦37 million
Tokunbo Range Rover Evoque 2015 price ₦12 million - ₦47 million
Tokunbo Range Rover Evoque 2016 price ₦12 million - ₦47 million
Tokunbo Range Rover Evoque 2017 price ₦12 million - ₦47 million
Tokunbo Range Rover Evoque 2018 price ₦14 million - ₦48 million
Tokunbo Range Rover Evoque 2019 price To be updating...

Price of Locally used Land Rover Range Rover Evoque in Nigeria

Model Price in Nigeria Naira
Nigarian used Range Rover Evoque 2013 price ₦5 million - ₦33.5 million
Nigarian used Range Rover Evoque 2014 price ₦5 million - ₦33.5 million
Nigarian used Range Rover Evoque 2015 price ₦8 million - ₦45 million
Nigarian used Range Rover Evoque 2016 price ₦8 million - ₦45 million
Nigarian used Range Rover Evoque 2017 price ₦8 million - ₦45 million
Nigarian used Range Rover Evoque 2018 price ₦9 million - ₦48 million
Nigarian used Range Rover Evoque 2019 price To be updating...

Performance and design

The 2020 Evoque features an improved crash energy management, which makes the front overhang reduction possible. There is also the presence of a new integral suspension at the rear, which takes half of the available vertical space as noticeable in the older multilink design. Consequently, the cargo is boosted by additional 6% in volume. The only challenge here is that, the newly extended wheelbase fails to boost legroom in either of the row. That doesn’t bother us much as new front seat mounts create an improvement in rear foot room and also the kneel room is boosted in the revised rear seat position.


When it comes to drivetrain, there seems to be nothing reductive about it. The dual-turbo (2.0 liter) generates more output of 9hp and 18 Ib-ft on P250 and 10hp on the P300. This makes it possible for the engine mount to effectively relocate to the axis of the engine’s torque. The powertrain is prevented from swinging due to the position of the engine, which hangs from above to ensure torque reduction during hard launches.


The seats are spacious enough for better leg room and cargo space

The Evoque 2020 has an upgraded newer 9HP50 9-speed transmission, which ensures a better and effective shift programming devoid of shift shock. Ratios also remain unchanged.

Weight and consumption of fuel are two things that haven’t witnessed any form of reduction in this new model. The only noticeable changes include hood made of aluminum and shock tower casting, dash support from magnesium, lighter brake rotors with addition of press-steel centers, longer wheelbase, improved rigidity and the presence of a new fuel saving 48 volts mild-hybrid system found in P300 R-Dynamic Models. Unfortunately the decline of the EPA economy couldn’t be prevented by the hybrid gear, drag coefficient reduction or even the GKN newest prop-shaft disconnecting Twinster AWD. Ultimately for the outgoing P250 and P300, there is a fall from 25 and 24mpg to 23mpg in the 2020 versions.


Well, we didn't expect less from this magnificent dashboard and high-tech driving gadgets

Although there is also no reduction with the 2020 Evoque off-road chops, but there is an introduction of the Terrain Response2 system, which brings a new auto setting that monitors a large array of sensors for inference and optimization of dynamic conditions. This is good for trails that could have depended on switching between the Gravel, Sand, Snow and Grass. The 2020 Evoque has admirably acquitted itself through surmounting off-road obstacles through its reduced suspension articulation and relatively modest street-tyre grip. It also has the edge of dual-clutch rear axle. No energy is wasted on airborne wheel braking, due to absence of differential gears to spin. There is barely any creak suffered during twist-inducing maneuvering as a result of the 13% stiffer body.


When it comes to making compelling choices in areas of driving dynamics, even the package efficiency and design, the Evoque seems to be a smart buy. When you compare other luxury compact vehicles that are more expensive such as the Alfa Romeo having a longer foot but less passenger and cargo space, you wouldn’t have a rethink about the value for your money you are about to get.