First drive! Review of 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro


If you have been mesmerized by the GT R by Mercedes, you might get choked with excitement when you check out the Review of 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro. Read on!

During a quick review from the motorsport inspired tweaks, this Mercedes AMG GT R suspension system is tagged as the most rewarding and sharpest AMG GT on track by far. The only challenge here is the price. The price shouldn’t be a problem for those that really understand the beauty of acquiring one. Here on Naijacarmarket is the review of 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro

1. Overview of 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro

The latest GTR Pro shares many similarities with the AMG GT and both feature the Michelin Cup two tires. It is slightly faster than the previous version by 7 seconds in every lap. During a test conducted last year, it reached a time of 7 minutes 4.6 seconds. This milestone made it to be one of the fastest road cars with front engine to successfully lap the wriggly thirteen-mile circuit.

The suspension and the aero have been well revised in this new model, and the company has taken modest weight into consideration when building this car. Though no downforce figures have been stated yet but the notable front splitter and dive planes which are ahead of the wheel at the front and the style vents of Porsche 911 GT3 RS found in the wheel arches. It also features a bigger rear wing, gurney flap and several other flicks and wings. These help in reducing aerodynamics lift and also to keep the vehicle pressed into the track surface at top speed.

Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro: Track Review | Carfection

Suspension in this new 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro has also been exposed to total revision. It now has a manually adjustable new coilovers, which is meant for slow and high compression of speed at the front, with an additional rebound at the both ends specifically for ride height. The anti-roll bar in the car can also be adjusted and a new attached upper rear wishbone by uniballs bearing to the body of the car. This is not present in the GT R as only its lower wishbone use uniballs.


The AMG GT R Pro is specifically built for track by the German automaker

The AMG GT R Pro offers lot more than you could imagine. It promises an attached carbon fiber sheer panel to its underside. This helps in improving the torsional rigidity on the body by an additional 8%. There is also a removal of light weight bucket seat of 3.6kg in between them. The ceramic brakes and wheels are light weight items and the transmission mount and dynamic engine, which help in tightening up during circuit drive for inertia reduction have been restored.

The ploy by the automaker to save weight in this new model has been a success. They have effectively removed a weight of 40kg. Although the European standard-fit AMG track package adds in a fire extinguisher, roll cage and four-point harness. This affected the weight saving by putting it at 25kg.


Pro is an improvement on the GT R in terms of engine performance and speed

Mercedes has really displayed its expertise in the production-based motorsport in this road-legal sum of GT R Pro. This means this car is built for one purpose only; it is meant to be driven by a number of well-heeled owners to a track-day. With lots of excitement lapping the circuit and fiddling with damper clicks for hours or between sessions. Afterwards, you can drive back home. This is not the type of car you lock up somewhere as a trophy to garner dust. You really need to use it as intended by the manufacturer.

2. 2019 Mercedes AMG GT R Pro Engine - Track circuit pro

When you take a look at the drivetrain, there isn’t much difference with that of the GT R. the GT R Pro uses the similar twin-turbo (4-liter) V8 engine that has the generative capacity of 577 horsepower in a 516 Ib ft of torque. It has a rearwards drive system through the transaxle, which comprises 7-speed twin-clutch transmission. It can accelerate from a standstill of zero to 62mph in just 3.6 seconds. It has the ability to reach a remarkable top speed of 198mph.

Its look - Road efficiency and performance

With a responsive, taut, exceptionally controlled and agile look, its uncompromising set up of the chassis would shockingly deal with bumps on the highway. Though the car has only been tested on a flat and smooth Hockenheim’s grand prix circuit.


Mercedes AMG GT R Pro front view- elegance and circuit maker


AMG GT R Pro rear view

The older AMG GT R is quite unyielding and firm on the road. Though slightly confronted with loosen control and resistance on the circuit. The automakers has really made an effort to proffer road solutions to the criticisms leveled against GT R. The Pro makes you like you are home when you are driving on the circuit. It has a little body roll which permits you to experience the grip building along the car exterior. The moment the front axle is locked into any kind of bend, the car instantly takes a set and drop into a groove. It then carves its way through the corner.

3. 2019 Mercedes AMG GT R Pro: Benefits and setbacks

AMG GT R Pro offers a fairly light and intuitive steering and quite an unfading brake even after being exposed to quick four-lap stint. What might seem like a challenge in this Pro lies in its sheer size. This is due to the position of the front axle, which feels so far ahead of you and the nose of the car found in another county. By indication, you need to take your time and master the location of the car’s extremities. Regardless of the effort of weight saving in this Pro, 1575kg still presents a remarkable weight for a track day machine.

2019 Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO Review | Better Than A Porsche 911 GT3 RS? | Autocar

The Pro is a thrilling and absorbing car. The fact that you can fiddle with the settings of the chassis provides an additional perspective to a trackday and permits you explore your engineering fantasy. It is easy to drive and user friendly. It has predictable overcooked corner entry and promises a safe axle push at the front. Due to the presence of electronically-controlled LSD and the transaxle layout, it offers a very good traction. It could also be easily overcome with generous extension of your right foot as a result of the immense power on tap. It has a similar multi-stage traction control system with GT RA. This gives you the ability to get the precise setting for any particular circuit and the daily condition for secured balance and having fun as the same time.

It offers a flawless drivetrain and a thunderous soundtrack. With an improved performance on the circuit, there is no argument that the Pro has an edge over the GT R as far as track car is concerned.

4. 2019 Mercedes AMG GT R Pro Price

The starting price of 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro is £188,345 (₦76.5m). That is quite expensive. That means you are paying additional £40,000 (~₦18.8m) for the premium version.

5. Final take

If are a rich and a big fan of trackday driving, you shouldn’t be bothered by the price tag. The 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro should be the next big thing in your garage.

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